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Lighting Issue With My K68 RGB Keyboard


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I am currently experiencing a lighting problem with my Corsair K68 RGB keyboard.


So I'm running on the default lighting profile (Spiral Rainbow), and when I start up my PC, the RGB works fine, but after a while, maybe 30 minutes or 1 hour, the green color and any other color related to it (yellow, orange...) just stop working, and I'm left with red, blue, and purple.


If I turn off the computer or unplug the keyboard and let it "rest" for a couple of hours, then plug in again, the lights continue to work normally, again for a while, before the problem kicks in again. The longer I let it rest, the longer the keyboard works properly before encountering the problem.


Here is a video of how when the keyboard works as it should:

And here is another video of when the problem starts occuring:

I've tried upgrading iCUE and the keyboard's firmware to the latest version, making a brand new profile and add the lighting effects in, performing a "soft" reset by holding the ESC key while unplugging and replugging the keyboard, but nothing seems to fix the issue.


I'd appreciate any advice. Thank you all very much for reading.

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