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Keyboard no longer working on back panel USB ports


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Hi, first post here.


Had the K70 for a few years now and not really had a problem with it. This is one of the older models with the old Corsair Gaming logo (P/N: CH9000065-UK).


One day the keyboard suddenly completely shut off while in a Discord call, not doing anything using the keyboard in particular. I just started to notice the USB connect and disconnect sounds continuously going off. I checked and found my the RGB switched off and the keyboard unresponsive.


I did some troubleshooting for a while, and found that I could use the USB ports on the front of the PC just fine, but any of the back ports would kill it almost instantly. It would flash up with a red and blue profile that I don't recognise, and then switch off. It wouldn't be seen in device manager or iCUE. Sometimes I could have it appear as a device, but if I only plugged in the input USB, and left the profile USB unplugged. I've been using the front panel for several days now and it appears to work consistently, but it's annoying since those ports are used for controllers normally.


All other devices work on the back panel ports so it's not some particular ports that have crashed. The only thing that's really changed with my setup recently is that I bought a Corsair VOID headset which has been added into iCUE alongside the keyboard, however these were working fine together for the last 2 weeks with no problems.


Any ideas would be much appreciated, and I'd be happy to provide more info if needed. Thanks!

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