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HS70 Wireless Headphone volume changes up and down randomly with iCue in games


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I've been using the headphone for a while and quite frankly haven't had any significant problems; however, random volume change was always there. Particularly in Steam games -doesn't matter which one- volume randomly goes up and down while making a crackling noise. This happens every 5-10 seconds and couldn't find a solution to that whatever I tried. YouTube, twitch, Spotify doesn't seem to have the same problem.


The reason I said with iCue software is that when I shutdown the application, interestingly enough problem disappears. I tried launching the app in administrator mode, turned of couple of Windows settings etc. but none of them worked. Since I am planning to move to Corsair environment -CPU cooler, RAMs- soon, it would be a shame if I can't use the software just because it's changing the headphone's sound randomly. Also both the software and headphone using the latest firmwares. Also deleted every other sound drivers apart from my speaker and HS70.


Does anyone have a solution to this or experienced the same thing? Would appreciate the help. Thanks!

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