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MSI K7N2 + VS1GBKIT400 problems


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Hi, I have a MSI K7N2 Delta2 (no builtin graphics) w/ the latest BIOS (I just had it returned from a RMA) and the VS1GBKIT400. Test 5 of Memtest86+ fails when I have both sticks in dual channel mode (about 6000-8000 errors per pass, all of them around 1020+MB range.) In single channel mode with both sticks I get errors, but only a dozen or so. Each stick by themselves works with no errors, tested in all the slots. Changing the voltage to 2.75 or to 2.65 (from the normal 2.70) results in lockups when the memory is accessed in memtest86+ (and also random lockups during the boot sequence.) Power supply is a Antec TRUE480. Do I have a compatibility problem, or is my motherboard not up to par? MSI RMA's take about a month :(
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