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Failed to check for a firmware update


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I can't update my firmware in iCUE anymore. After launch it says that there's a firmware update available for my Commander Pro but I can't download it and in fact cannot check or download any firmware for my devices (using STRAFE RGB, Void and Commander Pro).


Error message is "The firmware update is not available or failed to load for []"


Using iCUE 3.18.77 but I had the same problem last version.

I already reinstalled iCUE and wiped my settings in the process.


I can use the updater when downloading a firmware for my Strafe manually. Unfortunately, there's no manual update available for the Commander Pro.

Running Win10 1903 Release Preview Ring. Disabled Windows Firewall.



2019-07-29T10:28:32 C cue.firmware.index: Incorrect index contents: fw obj is empty "combined-image"

2019-07-29T10:28:32 I cue.firmware.index: "Commander Pro" firmware update, expected version: 0.9.212 update available, on device: bootloader: 0.5 firmware: 0.8.210

2019-07-29T10:28:32 C cue.common.download: Cannot (re)open ' '!

2019-07-29T10:28:32 C cue.firmware.download: Image download failed.







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I updated it and it broke my Commander Pro. Its doing all kind of weird things now.


Fail to detect fans sometimes, report 12k RPMs, bad voltage reports, bad temperature reports...


Will have to see what support have to say.




I have the same issue. Instead of 6 fans running at 800RPM, it'll show 2 fans, one of them running at 13,000RPM.

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