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The Division 2 + iCue only using 4 sticks out of 6


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Hello all.


New here.


I've been trying to find any information about this everywhere, but cannot find anything.


I have 6 sticks of Vengeance Pro RGB 3200Mhz.


I can control them really good with iCue. All of them work perfectly fine.


However, when trying to play any games that controls the RGB, it only controls 4 sticks out of 6.


The 3 sticks on the left are ok, only using 1 stick from the right.


Attached 2 pics, one when im not playing and the rgb is working in all 6.


The other one is when playing (in this case is The Division 2) and only uses 4 sticks.


Thanks for the help in advance.


(BTW I have reinstalled iCue several times, uninstalled AURA, or any Asus program, and still only using 4 sticks)







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You can also turn off the scripted game effects by disabling them from the in game settings menu or unchecking the SDK option in the iCUE settings. Your normal profile will then be visible. I find the in game colors to be a bit too inconsistent with what happens on screen.
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