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I think I have a bad RAM module

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I've got two Corsair VS512MB400 memory modules that I've had sitting around for a few months (in the original product packaging). They were bought at the same time. Recently I got a new nForce4-based motherboard and CPU (Athlon 64 3000+ socket 939, and MSI K8N Neo4 SLI). I decided to use these two memory modules in that system.


Unfortunately, the system does not POST with one of these modules in. I followed these steps:


1. Insert module 1 in a memory slot.

2. System POSTs ok.

3. Remove module 1. Insert the second memory module in the same memory slot.

4. System does not POST.


I left BIOS memory settings at factory defaults, which I assume is properly detecting the correct timings for these modules. I suppose that it could be something goofy going on but I suspect it is simply a bad module.


The lot # of the apparently defective module is #0331047. It was bought from NewEgg.com on 8/14/2003. I cannot RMA it thru NewEgg since they only do this if the product was bought within the last year.




James Johnston

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