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Obsidian 1000D Front I/O LED bug?


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Hello everyone!




In May this Year, I built my current System. And besides this I haven't had any Problems.


Yesterday i noticed, that the LEDs on the Front IO Ports behave strange.


The top row of LEDs is either static or Off. Most of the time it starts off as it should, but in the time Windows is booted up, the top row is static in a random colour. (The picture shows the top row still stuck on one point of the animation, when it's turned off in iCue)


It's a different colour every time. The second row and the Logo function normal.


I tried disconnecting and reconnecting the connector for the Front I/O. After reconnecting, the first time it worked for a minute and then the top row, again, was just frozen in the animation and stayed that way.

The second time, and the third after, the top row stayed dark and after about 30sec light up in a random colour.

A complete System Powercycle works out the same.


Maybe the problem is with a controller, as the LEDs sometimes work for a short time and are allways stuck on a different colour.


I would appreciate any help to fixing this.

Thank you in advance,




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