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MAXIMUS HERO X / INTEL 8086K / Oc & temperatures?

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i've set up my 8086K a while ago with a "low" OC at 4.85 / 1.22vcore


I could not achieve a 5GHZ oc even at 1.3 and maybe a setting was wrong somehow.



I am know happy with what I got but still i was wondering if all is ok and if I should not try to push it up a bit;



Also, i was wondering about temps.



My room temp is around 28c those days (Yeah, hot) Is 40 to 45c during browsing, word and soft tasks normal for those parameters?



In game (depending on the games and how they rely on cpu), i'm between 60 and 66 MAX temps (average is around 50c)


is that all ok ?




Also I modified VCCIo to 1.10 and same for System Agent voltage which was set on man


My bios settings are :




(except for vcore and vccio and ssa which I changed later)


I'd really appreciate if someone can tell me if all is ok



Also I Was considering going for an adaptive OC, would it be better for temps?


Thanks again




Asus Maximus Hero X / i7 8086k delid / GTX 1080 TI EVGA FTW3

Ram : 32GB G.SKILL Trident Z RGB / 3466Mhz

Alimentation : Corsair RMI 850 GOLD

cooler : h150i /ML120

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