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Hello Everyone!


I want to share my work with you. I've made a simple app using Electron and Corsair SDK, and it can play GLSL shaders right on a Corsair keyboard!




You can find the app here:



  1. Download iCUE.Shader.Player-0.1.2-win.7z
  2. Unpack
  3. Execute "iCUE Shader Player.exe"
  4. Enjoy!


P.S.: the app is still raw, so it may crash, but should work if iCUE is running and Corsair keyboard is connected (or virtual devices enabled in iCUE)

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This is awesome, do you intend to take this further? Is it even possible with the SDK for you to make this a custom effect within iCUE so I could run this pattern on the keyboard with my own customizations to the other peripherals?


Manually making this type of effect is very cumbersome if not impossible the way this renders.

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All effects can be found in resources\shaders\ subfolder. You can modify them or add any other effect (well, almost, not all glsl instructions are supported yet)

As for the rest of peripherals, I can do that but need to optimize the code first, because CPU usage is high. That's why the app plays effects on keyboard only actually.

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