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LL120 lighting issue


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I'm having an issue with 2 (out of 6) of my Corsair LL120 fans.


In the attached image I have set the INSTANT LIGHTING to red (believe it or not!) so everything should be red. All of my fans and other Corsair components turn red except the 2 fans in the image. The fan on the right has an LED that doesn't change and the fan on the left doesn't change at all. They behave this way no matter what INSTANT COLOUR or LIGHTING LINK I use. I've tried swapping these two in the hub but the issue remains (except the left one now has the single LED and the right one doesn't change) so I don't think the issue is the hub.


Is there anything I can try that might rectify this? The LEDs obviously work they just don't work correctly.


I've tried updating the hubs firmware to no avail and I have the latest version of iCUE (3.18.77).






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