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Dark Core RGB constantly stops working.


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I've tried soft reset.

I've tried hard reset.

I've tried wireless vs plugged in.

I've tried updating software/firmware.

I've tried reinstalling icue.

I've tried different USB ports.

I've tried power options.


I love this mouse but it seems plagued with problems. I have not been able to find a solution on all the forum posts I've found. Does anyone know what is actually going on?


It constantly disconnects. Sometimes I get it to work for a few monutes. Sometimes it only works for 5 seconds. Turning the mouse upside down. switching to off then back on, gets it to work....for usually only 10-30 seconds.


Please help. I love this mouse.

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Sounds like your power profile is enabling USB selective suspend, depowering your mouse or dongle. (Hard to tell over a forum)


Copy your existing power plan, and disable USB Selective disable in Advanced Settings, under USB Settings.


You can also check the Power Management options for the HID drivers under Mice in Device Manager, tho they should be greyed out for saving power.


You can also try creating a new soft profile and disable the Sleep mode / Power Saving Mode. A corrupt / old and incompatible profile can do weird **** too.

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