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1GB Twinx 3200XL - different modules?

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i've bought 2x 512mb 3200xl rev. 1.2 memory today and it seems like they are different modules or one is damaged.

when "using" them in dual chanel, system won't boot and the speaker keeps beeping.

i've tried each module separately: one is detected as corsair 3200xl and set to 2-4-2-5. i could set 2-2-2-5 manually, seems to work fine.

the other one is detected as corsair 3200, set to 3-3-3-8?!

(checked this with cpu-z & everest)

also when i insert both sticks in single channel mode, only 512mb are detected and memory speed is 100mhz.


i've run 1gb corsair 4400 memory in dc-mode on my system before without problems (well, didn't acutaly hit 275mhz but system was absolutely stable)


my system:

gigabyte k8ns-939

tagan 480w u01

athlon 64 3000+

both modules have the serial number XMS3208v1.2, 0510065-1


any suggestions welcome :confused:


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i got the modules replaced by now. the 2 new ones both appear as corsair 3200 with timings 3-3-3-8 used separately or in dc. i've tried reloading the newest bios for my mb but without any effect.

i could however set 2-2-2-5 timings manually and the modules run flawlessly. so it seems the case is closed :biggrin:


just one more thing: since i can't use SPD and the gigabtye board has a lot of settings for the memory, could you please tell me if these values are correct:









thx for your help & time,


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