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Commander Pro Temperature Sensors High


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Hey guys,


I installed my Commander Pro last week and hooked up all the fans and developed curves off of temperature sensors I have throughout the case. I recently added one to measure intake air temperature (ambient air temperature) and it was reading unusually high. I decided to look into if further thinking my house AC system was just not balanced, but I had a Fluke laying around and tested what the sensors were reading vs what the Fluke sensor read and found that all my Commander Pro temperatures are reading around 3 degrees C high (the probes from the fluke were placed immediately beside the commander pro sensors). The voltages the commander pro is reporting are right on the money (12V is reading ~12.04V, 5V is reading ~5.05V, 3.3V is reading ~3.40V). Has anybody run into this problem or have any ideas on what's going on?


Thanks in advance!

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