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Scimitar Pro RGB mouse - side buttons - how to set it as holding down a key?


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First time posting, sorry if this question's already been asked tons of times and is easily answerable, couldn't really find it in my searching but maybe I'm blind.


I got this mouse the other day because my old mouse died, been trying to mess with it on my own. I'm a very simple person and just have all my side buttons set to the number keys 1234567890-=, to play MMOs more easily since my left hand doesn't stretch well anymore.


Right now, they're just set to simulate pressing and releasing the number key when I press the mouse button. I would much, much prefer it if instead it acted like my old mouse, which when I pressed a side button, and held it down, it would act like I was holding down the appropriate number key until I let go of the button, rather than pressing and releasing it like a normal keystroke.


Thank you for any help.

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