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Corsair K83 - Buttons Remapping, Wireless Link Reliability, and Some Suggestions


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The K83 Lounge Wizard has excellent build quality and a lot of additional features compared to other similarly priced devices. However, I am wondering whether anyone has suggestions to 'fix' some of the issues that I am currently encountering:


(1) The 'mouse buttons' on the top / underside operate as left and right clicks in Bluetooth mode (as expected), but, after the installation of iCue and update of the keyboard's firmware (to 3.1.9), they are mapped to Enter and Esc in the 2.4GHz wireless link mode. I am unable to find the appropriate option in iCUE to revert the behavior to left and right clicks. Any help would be appreciated.


(2) I am having periodic disconnects in the 2.4 GHz link mode. The keyboard is initially connected / paired and shows up in the iCUE software with 'Status : Battery High' at first. But, after just leaving it in that state for sometime, there is a change to 'Status : Unknown' - The LEDs on the keyboard are lit up, but, the keyboard and touchpad are completely unresponsive as far as the PC is concerned. The only way to restore functionality was to use another keyboard and 're-pair' the wireless link in iCUE (while pressing Fn+F5 on the keyboard). This essentially happens like clockwork, except that the 'countdown to unknown status' seems to be happening from the last time the keyboard was actively used. I am hoping there is a firmware update to resolve this issue. In the meanwhile, I also checked out the Bluetooth mode, but the distance at which HTPCs are usually kept from the keyboard make this connection mode suitable for other use-cases only (very poor wireless connection compared to the 2.4 GHz mode, as expected).


The K83 is otherwise nicely engineered - I really appreciate the premium build, different backlight brightness levels, ability to use as a wired keyboard, ability to pair with multiple Bluetooth devices, joystick feature etc. Some points of improvement that could be addressed in a future iteration:


  1. Receptacle in the keyboard frame to stow the USB wireless receiver (in the case that the keyboard is used in a 'mobile' environment with multiple PCs and Bluetooth devices)
  2. Shifting the 'Right' button on the underside to a more 'ergonomically suitable' place.
  3. Remove the LED for the on/off switch and make it a 'mechanical slider' with a color-coded on/off indicator (similar to the other $99 HTPC keyboard in the market). May improve battery life, while also allowing users to recognize 'active status' using their fingers, rather than having to look for the LED light through the gaps in the keys or turning up the keyboard.
  4. If at all possible, make the touchpad surface and the keys to be 'smudge-proof'. HTPC keyboards are not always used with 'clean' hands :)
  5. Re-work the key layout a bit to accommodate full-sized up and down arrow keys (same size as the left and right keys). All the arrow keys are frequently used in a typical HTPC / 10-ft UI scenario, and it would be user-friendly to have them all of the same size.

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We really do appreciate the feedback, I do my best to always forward these things to the respective teams to see.


1. You can actually acheive this by changing the mode into gaming mode. You would do this by turning on the F-lock


2. Do you have USB selective suspend enabled or disabled in Windows?

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