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I raised a ticket 5 days ago and it said the response time is normally 2 days.


I'm based in the France and have a fault with an my mouse Corsair Scimitar. I bought it from Amazon.fr, Serial Number: 16518902, Part Number: CH-9000091-EU. I bought it at 19/06/2017 so I believe I don't have warranty anymore, I can pay the fee to repair and shipping.


The error is when I put my mouse into my computer, it has an error message like the photo in attachments.

I'm really appreciate it if you can help me, please.


I wish you have a very nice day!


Many thanks.



corsair amazon.pdf

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Unfortunately we do not process repairs for the units. Have you brought this up in the mouse section to see if there could be a fix?


Hello Wootaru, thank you for your reply. I haven't posted in the mouse section, I will try right now.

Hope you have a very nice day!

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