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My 180 has an issue, anyone know how to resolve this


when I switched it on for the first time , it came on and I went straight to bios , while just looking at the screen , the pc rebooted and started again , I went back to bios and it did reboot yet again but this time flashing red on the left pane led strip


I checked online and found it had to do with heat , so I cross checked my fan and found out the fan wasn’t spinning again and I was sure it spun when I powered it on the first time


So I proceeded to check the cable , all good , removed and put them back same issue.


After some back and forth , I decided to plug the fan directly to the mobo header and remove the single pin plug coming from the cpu pump into that header


The fan worked


I managed to finish setup and enter into the icue software and it said


Fan 0rpm , cpu, GpU pump and coolant all spinning 1922,1963 rpm and 27 and 22.6 respectively


Does this mean the pump is bad, since I can’t control the fans thru the single pin ?


Also the GpU fans don’t show any rpm on icue or any other monitoring software


Do they start at a particular temperature or are they also controlled by the single pin removed from the fan header ?



Please advice

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