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I have contacted support on July 14, today it is 19 and no one replied me in 2 business days. I have bought Vengeance memory Part Number: CMK16GX4M2B3200C16. After year and half use I have got sporadic critical system freezes, when even mouse stops to work. Each time it happened only hard reset could solve the issue. Sometimes my PC could work days without this issue, but after some time the frequency of this issue got higher and I started to check one part of my PC by one. I have tested the memory with Memtest86 Pro and seems I have found out the culprit of the issue, which is broken memory.


My PC isn't overclocked, cause it is Mini-ITX build, no room for this.


Please kindly check out Memtest86 Pro reports I provided in the ticket and give next course of action.


Thank you.

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