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Link won't let me edit any RGB settings anymore


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problem :

*I have 2 Corsair Platinum Airflow RGB (type 1)

*they are connected by a cusom made splitter cable to the lighting port of commander mini.


somehow they do not register/I am unable to chance their colour settings.


*my new corsair keyboard (K95) and mouse (harpoon) also not register.


any help welcome.


Background :

This has worked before.

Brought pc away for updating GPU and waterloop, after it got back, colour set at something I did not select, not able to edit RGB settings, forgat what I did last time to do that.


link does now register all my temperatures a feature it did not before.

(not sure what cables they connected to do that)


-I checked the cables, they are connected right.


-I have uninstalled my version of link and reinstalled the latest version, this has not resolved the issue but did remove both devices under the devices tab

-corsair mini commander

- corsair usb controller


my system :

OS : windows 7 pro (no I wont update to 10, I paid premium to not have to)

MB : ASUS X99 WS-e/USB 3.1

CPU : intel i7 5960X (OC at 4.5Ghz)

DDR : corsair dominator platinum 8x16GB 2800Mhz C14 (XMP settings)

Ram cooler : corsair dominator airflow RGB

GPU : Gygabyte 2080 ti XTREME waterforce OC

System cooling : custom waterloop

HDD : Samsung 850pro 1TB

*wireless network adapter

*adata card reader

*ASrock e-sata to usb 3.1

*LG blue ray burner

*corsair K95 RGB gaming keyboard

*corsair harpoon RGB gaming mouse

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