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Unanswered Ticket about TDP


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No, Corsair do not list a TDP or watts handled figure for their coolers. A few European companies still do, but most have left this behind. You sometimes see it on custom radiators, but mostly the number is meaningless and out of context.


Radiators and fans do not have a TDP or maximum watts value. At a certain load (watts) the coolant will rise X degrees Celsius. Most often only one figure is given and it makes no sense without the other. "My cooler can handle 1500W!". However, the coolant will be at 75C making any device temps rather extreme. Of course another missing ingredient is fan speed. You can assume the maximum, but that creates discrepancies between coolers with different maximum fan speeds and you can fatten up a wattage number with an absurdly fast fan that no one can stand to use.


Typically a 120mm radiator is going to have a coolant delta of around +25C at 300W. While real results are not strictly linear, for simplicity lets call it +12.5C at 150W where most CPUs max out. Compare that to a 240mm that might be around +8C or a 360mm that might be around +5C. That is only the coolant temperature or baseline. If your CPU jumps +35C the moment you start a stress test, it will still jump +35C no matter what cooler you have. However, the coolant then warms and the end CPU temps increase up the values above. If you are looking for more specific advise, you probably need to divulge what your are trying to cool.

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