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Removing and Installing SSDs


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I have received a built system which is in a Corsair Osbidian 750D Case. There are 2 SSD's installed and they set up a RAID 1 for me. However Immediately I am getting "Warning Critical Error" (Says "RAID critical error R/W) message each time I boot, but it does then go on to boot fully.


Therefore I am going to try and remove 1 of the 2 x SSD's and see if it or other one has failed. Question is, I have never dealt with this case. HOW do I remove the SSD (it is in the cage at bottom and by looks 3 screw on side holding it in. Will the cable be at back ,or does it just slot in ?.


What is easiest way to install a 3rd or 4th SSD ?.


Thanks for any pointers. It is the CABLING I am most unsure of ,i.e. are there any cables involved ,or do the SSD's just slot in ? What type of Cables if any ?. (My Profile shows most of system)



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