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Liquid Metal, The XC7, and Direct Die mounting.

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Hello all. Still waiting on the two replacement commander pro's, and rockit cool just so happened to have a sale.


I was wondering if anyone here might have some insight as to whether or not liquid Metal would adversely affect the nickel played copper bottom.


This is also a shot in the dark (I sent an email to rockit cool as well) but in their instructions they have a couple of videos. One for an EK velocity/supremacy that shows how many washers / shims to use. They also have a Corsair aio video, which uses slightly more shimming.


Could anyone say how closely related to the XC7 (in terms of height) The EK WB's would be? Are they similar, or is the block more closely related to Corsair's aio in terms of clearance?


Any help would be appreciated.

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No it will not. As long as the LiquidMetal doesn't touch aluminium you're good. LM and Al react with each other and it does bad things to the Al. Nickle and Copper are safe.


On the subject of a direct die mount, make sure you get the standoff they make for this purpose and be very careful. Easy to crack the chip doing this.


Can't argue with the results though because a DD mounting just doesn't GAF about loads typically. Very good temps but definitely risky.

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Yeah, the whole direct die kit with plate, delid tool and liquid Mercury (and a small carrying case) was just 49.99. specifically the i9 - 9900k / 9700k / 9600K delid tool 89.


The inclusion of the liquid Mercury and the little things sold me on it. Wouldn't do this if I didn't have every single necessary tool to be as safe as possible.


On a second note, a lot of people mention using clear nail polish or liquid electrical tape to cover the smt's on the chips bare pcb. I'm wondering if people leave this nail polish on / liquid tape on or take it off after the liquid Metal application. Seems everyone recommends using liquid electrical tape, but always winds up using clear nail polish.


Seems like it could cause some weird thermal patches? Maybe I'm overthinking it.

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