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I bought Corsair’s suggested ram for my board and am very disappointed. This ram becomes unstable with an fsb above 200. This is a KV8-Pro an overclocking board and I can’t even use the factory preset “quiet” on guru without crashing. I was getting higher benchmarks with two sticks of 80$ because these factory presets overclocked the fsb to 217. The boards default fsb value 204 and this ram is not stable at that value. I spent 400$ on this ram an now my computer is running slower then before. I haft to upgrade my cpu or get different ram that can run a stable with a fsb of 230. This ram can only do that with timings 2T 2.5,4,4,8. Is there any way I can trade this purchase of TWINX1024-3200ll’s for TWINX1024-4000’s. I’ll pay for shipping. Please, I feel like this purchase is a complete loss.
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Mother Board;

Abit KV8-Pro

Hyper Transport 1GHz

Supports 2 DIMMs DDR400 Memory

Socket 754


Power Supply;

Safe Power P4 450W



AMD 3000+ @64 fsb 4*200



Twinx1020-3200ll (2* cmx512-3200ll)

XMS3205v3.1 0449023-4


When I’m running my mother boards defaults fsb 204, cpu 1.5V, 1T 2,3,2,6 2.6V my system is very unstable. If I time ram to 1T 2,3,3,6 and 2.8V my system is very unstable. But if I drop my fsb to 200 and time my ram to 1T 2,3,2,6 2.8V my system is stable. I can get a solid overclock with my fsb 230, cpu 1.725V and 2T 2.5,4,4,10 2.8V. I tested with memtest86 and in games.

I know it is my screw-up purchasing this ram. I wouldn’t have done it if I knew that this ram becomes so unstable with a fsb above 200. I was using Kingston’s DDR 400 512MB for 80$ a piece and they were very stable with a fsb above 225 at it’s advertised timings, so I thought buying this performance memory (costing twice as much per stick) would have the same stability if not more.

I got this memory working properly; it’s just not up to par for what spent on it. In the Abit forums everybody with a KV8-pro that purchased this ram say’s it is the biggest mistake buying this performance ram and I agree with them. I previously purchased OCZ’s ram and found out that is was incompatible with my mother board and had some problems returning it because was listed as incompatible, so I made sure of compatibility before purchasing any hardware for my computer. When I was looking for information for good compatible ram for my board I saw a pdf on Corsair’s site saying suggested ram. This was the top suggested ram and it said this ram was for overclocking. Now I know the realities and capabilities of pc3200 and pc4000 and know that this was a bad purchase. I was hoping you can do something about this. I caught the techs red-handed trying to steal from me where I purchased this ram. I don’t want to go back and I can’t go back.

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But if I drop my fsb to 200 and time my ram to 1T 2,3,2,6 2.8V my system is stable.


Well that's what they're rated at, so they're functioning normally.


Go to resellerratings.com and find out if the store is listed there. If so, post there about your bad experiences with them.

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