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LL120 Fan curve


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Hello, I recently built my first computer and have some problems with my fan speeds.


I have the H100i Platinum CPU cooler, but changed the fans on it to two LL120 instead of the ML fans that comes with it. I also have 3 case fans that are all hooked up to my commander pro, 1 LL120 and the 2 ML fans that are on the H100i cooler.


The problem is when I use the iCUE program and choose the quite profiles the fans are spinning at really high speeds making my computer sound alot.


For example, if I use the "quite" profile for my commander pro fans (1xLL120 and 2xML fans) they run at 1500 RPM, which is the maximum rate for my LL120. The current temps when they run at this speed is:

CPU 49 degrees celsius

GPU 40 degrees celsius

Motherboard 33 degrees celsius

so I see no reason for the fans to work this hard.


The problem is similar on my H100i cooler where the fans run at 1300 RPM at 37 degrees celsius while using the quite profile and 1700 with the balanced profile. I know that the ML fans are rated for higher RPM than the LL that I have on it now so that might be a reason for this but I still find the fans to produce alot of sound.


Does any1 know why the default profiles set my fans at this high RPM and does anyone have any good fancurves I could copy?




If anyone is interested my computer specs are:

i-7 9700K


Asus ROG STRIX z390-F

16GB Vengence pro RGB

Lian Li PC-011 Dynamic case

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The "Quiet" and the other two presets for the Commander Pro use CPU temperature as the control variable. By default, there isn't another good choice since a CPU is the only thing every PC is guaranteed to have. In practice, it is a terrible one, particularly on recent Lake processors that oscillate through the temperature scale all day long. There is no reason to ever use CPU temperature as the control variable for your case fans. Quick and immediate fix is to choose something more appropriate, like GPU temp, H100i Temp (coolant temperature), or the temp sensors that come with the C-Pro. To do so, you will need to create a custom curve using the + symbol, then select the appropriate variable from the drop down list. Then, adjust your range. You'll have to figure out what it. GPU is easy. Coolant and case temps take more observation.


The Quiet/Balanced/Extreme presets on the coolers are quite different. They are all based on coolant temperature (H100i Temp) and use a drastically different range to reflect that. Minimum speed is near 20-23 and maximum is near 40C. That is a typical middle of the road, but the reality is every CPU/case/cooler combination is different. More important that all of those is your room temperature. Not uncommon for someone to have a +10C shift between Winter and Summer and that is passed on to the cooler and everything else in your case. Once again, you are better served making your own curve, unless your room is strictly temp controlled in the low 20s. Same process, click + to make the custom curve, DON'T change the control variable. Look at the coolant temp sitting on the desktop (not after load). This is more or less your effective minimum coolant temp for that environment. Most people will go about +10C over that when in mixed CPU/GPU loads like gaming, but find out. Set that highest witnessed number to a fan speed you can stand. Small changes in fan speed result in small to zero change in coolant temperature, so go by noise. Don't expect a 5C drop because you run the fans 100 rpm faster. Most of the cooling work is conductive and the radiator is simply the ejection point from the system.

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