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Corsair One Pro (2017/2018) - Link and/or iCUE


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The stickied thread in this section current gives the last version of Link that works with the Corsair One Pro as being


The iCUE forum section has a sticky that states:

"If you are currently using CORSAIR LINK™ you MUST update to the latest version ( or newer). This can be found HERE."


Attempting to install this results in a message that this is not compatible with this machine, which of course matches the advice in the Coursiar One forum sticky


However another thread in the iCUE section states that Link is considered no longer supported and that iCUE should be used instead.


iCUE isn't currently working installed alongaside Link (no readings in iCUE - which matches the advice in the iCUE forum thread) but I was a bit reluctant to uninstall Link and try iCUE by itself however as another thread in the Corsair One section says it's needed for water pump flow balancing and similar, so I thought I'd ask what the ideal situation is:




* Is iCUE usable on the 2017/2018 Corsair One Pro and users should ditch Link totally and just run iCUE?

* Or is it not usable and 2017/2018 model users should stick to the last version of Link stickied in the forum?

* or something else...


Thanks, and apologies if this is obvious to everyone else. I just wanted to get it right.

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Just reply to myself, just to say I got iCue working (I just needed to populate the devices to monitor via the settings instead of it auto-populating like Link - seems obvious now but I didn't realise).


I'm going to stick with just using Link for now as it lets me set the case fan speed either to default or to max which I don't think iCue lets me do as far as I can work out.

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