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compatibility with asus a8v-e


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Thats the text from asus manual:

"Due to chipset limitation, DIM modules with 128 mb memory chips or double-sided x16 memory chips are not suported in this motherboard"

I need know if the VS1GBKIT400:


Peso: 100 gr

Corsair 1GB (512MBx2) Value Select (Dual Pack) 184 Pin DDR PC-3200 DDR400 Model VS1GBKIT400, Non-ECC, Unbuffered, Cas Latency: 2.5, Support Voltage: 2.5V Bandwidth: 3.2GB/s, 2x64M x 64Bit

Lifetime Warranty. "


is compatible with asus a8v-e deluxe


My little research found this in the corsair.com:

VS1GB400C3 PC3200 1024MB 128Mx64 184 DIMM

VS1GBKIT400 PC3200 1024MB 2x64Mx64 2x184 DIMM


But i really need be sure about the compatible issue with asus a8v-e deluxe



the model VS1GBKIT400 Work with this motherboard ???


Another thing, the memory works at 2,5 volts, manual from a8v-e say the configurable range of memory is from 2,6 to 3 volts. The model is compatible with 2,6 volts ???

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I really think the VIA KT890 chipset on this mobo is a bit too new to already be 100% sure whether or not this ram will work on it, I have had an Asus A8V dlx and now an Abit AV8, I too had several ram issues and only in some cases bios updates could cure them. You have to know when you buy the latest in hardware you are a testcase. In case you don't need PCI-E I would opt for the A8V Dlx and normally the ram whould work in that mobo. In their Checked ram there's the VS512MB400 ram so this one should work, don't worry about 2.6 volts that doesn't pose any prob


I would opt for this kit then : VS1GBKIT400 see this at this link



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well I wouldn't opt for 4 dimms, I am aware that some mobo's tend to go DDR33 instead of keeping DDR400. So i would go for 2x1 gig rams and in your case I would opt for a gig of Twinx 3200XL ram instead of going nuts on Value selects. Do you really need 2 gigs of ram ?
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I Was just thinking use 2 because the use of maya and borland C++ (a version for all systens who require at least 1 giga).


But you right, too much confusion. I will seek any versatile and compatible one.


And yes, a8v-3 go for 333mhz, and maybe only acept one dual the others two is for generic.

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