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MP600 NVME 2TB operating temps?

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Just got my 3900X + ASUS Crosshair VIII Formula + MP600 setup. I am curious what is the safe operating temp range for this drive? Right now it's getting hit hard and hovering around 60*C.


One thing to bear in mind, if your mobo has multiple NVMe sockets, is that the operating temperature of an NVMe drive may vary quite a bit, depending upon which socket it is in.


For example, my Aorus Master has three NVMe slots each populated with an NVMe drive, of which two are Corsair MP510's. One of these Corsair drives runs 6C hotter at idle than the other, 35C compared with 29C. If I swap the drives around, the temperature situation of the drives is reversed. So it is the slot, rather than the drive that is causing the higher temps.


Under stress (AIDA64 stability test), the hottest of the two drives, in the NVMe socket closest to the VRM, tops out at 45C, with an ambient temp of 24C. This is regardles of how much air I push through the case.


Maybe the MP600 runs a little hotter than the MP510, but I doubt that the difference is that great?

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