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Corsair Obsidian 1000D Build Advice for RGB Fans


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Hey all


A long time Corsair user and I've pretty much keep swaying in its direction when the CUD hits. My latest venture is moving my soft tubing that's in my Graphite 780T to a hard line in the Obsidian 1000D.


I have the tower, along with the 360mm EK Performance 360 rad from my current loop and to add to that I bought the Alphacool Nexxxos XT45 V2 420mm rad.


And to fill up the space I bought a 2 pack of LL140's along with a single LL140. These are going up top on the 420mm rad.


I also bought a 3 pack of LL120 along with 5 single LL120's for the front.


I'll be using 2 of my existing 3 HD120's for the rear.


This is where I need your advice. I have 3 rgb fan hubs (1 from my HD120 pack, LL120 and LL140) and a lighting node pro from the LED kit (the one with 4 LED strips).


Am I correct in having this combination?


  • 4x LED strips connect to Lighting Node Pro Node 1
  • 2x HD120 fans to RGB Hub 1
  • RGB Hub 1 connects to Lighting Node Pro Node 2 which connects to USB header on 1000D CoPro
  • 1000D front LED connect to Node 1 on 1000D CoPro
  • 6x LL fans(3x LL140 and 3x LL120) to RGB Hub 2 which connects to the pass through from the 1000D LED
  • 5x LL120 fans to RGB Hub 3 which connects to Node 2 on CoPro


In my head this works but are there any drawbacks in terms of the iCue lighting animations?


I tried to do a layout diagram like Zotty below but this is the best I could come up with (lol)



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Well, I guess I'll answer my own question. It works. So far, anyway.


I managed to move all major components to the 1000D. Until I install the hard line I switched to air cooling for the CPU and using on board graphics for the time being. I installed the 3x LL140's to my 420mm rad up top and it works using the pass through from the tower LED lights.


The node pro that came with the LED's seems to be faulty (node 1 anyway; I didn't bother trying node 2 as I need both nodes for the final setup). Granted it is a few years old. I swapped it out with the node pro that came with the LL140's and yes there was light.


So, thus far:


  • Tower LED passing through to RGB Hub 1 for 3 LL's
  • 4x LED strips to node 1 on Node Pro connected to USB header.


The tempered glass gives the LED strips a really sexy look.


Next up, the remaining 8x LL120's will be connnected to the existing RGB hub and RGB hub #2. RGB Hub #2 will go to Node 2 on CoPro.


2x HD 120's will be connected to RGB hub # 3 which will go to node 2 on the NoPro.


Here's what it looks like so far. I need to kill the space between the led strips. Suggestions welcome.



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If anyone is curious, my initial thoughts on connecting the strips and fans was correct.


My one issue was having 5 of the front LL120's on one rgb hub and 3 of the remaining front fans along with 3 LL140's up top on the second rgb hub initially caused them to be out of sync. However after disconnecting the hubs and reconnecting it (in the same position) seemed to bring them in sync somehow.


I just installed the 2 HD120's on the back on its own rgb hub and that works but I think those fans are faulty. There's a few LED's on each fan that are spazzing out from time to time. I wonder if it's a power issue or a dodgy rgb hub.


On another note, I keep seeing mention being made of daisy chaining the rgb hubs. But for the life of me I can't figure it out. I don't know if I'm being too dense but can someone please enlighten me?

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