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H100I Pro makes weird pump noises


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My h100i pro makes loud noises through the glass panel on quiet mode. It’s only quiet when I’m just chilling on my home screen, but when I start playing a game it starts to make some weird noises. is this normal?]https://youtu.be/5zsu8S638f4


The sound changes when you load up a game? The pump should not be reacting to GPU or CPU load in that way. It's basically a fixed L-M-H switch, until you reach a rather high coolant temperature. Regardless, the sound is intermittent and strongly resembles the typical air bubble issue. Try the following:


1) On the desktop, cycle the pump from low (Quiet) to high (Extreme) and again every 10-15 seconds or so. The goal is for the change in pressure to push the bubbles out of the block.


2) If that does not work, set the pump to Extreme and rock the case backwards. That can be leaning toward the back panel or backward so the I/O panel is lower. You are trying to get the in/out hose above the CPU block and hopefully natural physics will do the job.


3) Involves taking the block off the CPU and shaking, but let's not get into that quite yet. Definitely random results.

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