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Terrible Non-Existent Support #2000767968

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My M65 RGB Elite mouse's left mouse button has become defective with how much force it now requires to register clicks despite the audible click and tactile feedback still being present. This started happening a few weeks ago after having had the mouse since January. I love the mouse and would've liked to get a replacement, but I'm not sure about that anymore. I attempted to get help with this through your support system by submitting a ticket since my Amazon return period had expired and I received atrocious "support". And after calling Amazon to see if I could get a replacement through them first, with which I had a wonderful quick support response, when I shifted to Corsair for the help, the support experience was a world of difference. First, I had to call to get my ticket any attention, which shouldn't be necessary as it defeats the entire purpose of submitting a ticket in the first place. My ticket was then looked at. I was sent a firmware to flash to confirm it wasn't a software based issue. I did as instructed. Nothing changed. The problem persisted. So I sent my information and pictures of what I was asked for to continue with an RMA. My address, phone number, receipt, and pictures of the serial number/product information. Amazon sells the M65 RGB Elite as a "variant" of the M65 Pro RGB mouse on its product page, which has the unfortunate side effect of having that listed as the name on the receipt for my M65 RGB Elite. I provided my receipt and I was told that the receipt was incorrect and was then denied any further help. The ticket was closed and I wasn't even given any opportunity to explain further or negotiate anything. There was also another issue. I had also been asked to provide specifically a picture of the tag on the mouse cord which had the part number and serial number on it. My mouse no longer has this tag, so I wasn't able to get that. However, I have the mouse box which has a sticker on the bottom of it with the part number and serial number clearly visible. This provides the SAME information I was asked for. No difference, so I don't see the issue. I was also told this was a no-no for some reason and this was also part of the reason support was cut off from me. The ticket handler claimed that removing the tag voided the warranty for some stupid reason which I know isn't true or I wouldn't have removed the tag. To confirm this I did research and found images of the tag on other M65 RGB Elites which clearly display the text on the tag and nowhere on it does it say the warranty is voided by removing the tag. I attached those pictures to the thread. So I was also lied to out of pure laziness of doing any 10 second googling. These were very small details that could've been worked out if my ticket handler had actually COMMUNICATED with me like they're PAID to do instead of cutting me off before I even got any opportunity to explain. I'm wasn't asking for them to go out of their way, helping me is what they're meant to do. And I was spit on despite me never being rude or ignorant to them in any capacity. And between each response there was the FULL 2 business days. For a few sentences I had to wait DAYS. A week of waiting only to be told to go away essentially. Since I love Corsair as a company and their products, I am going to give this one more shot before I give up on Corsair and take my money elsewhere like I was encouraged to do with my support experience. I submitted another ticket which is the one in the title. I submitted it with time. Two business days passed, which is the time frame I am promised a response, and nothing. And since you don't have support weekends, I can't even call to have it looked at now. So I don't know what to do. I am beyond trying to be reasonable and understanding with your support. I'm not going to wait or play games. I just want to know if this WILL or will NOT be handled before I just go on Amazon and buy from someone else.









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OK, not trying to sound like a wa**er since that post made my eyes cross. Got enough out of it though.


Shoot a PM to Corsair Kevin with the details on your issue and ticket#. The tickets have been FUBAR since they updated the support system over a month ago, I think. Not trying to make excuses for them since there is no excuse for the issues, but you should at least know why.


Believe me, I've loved Corsair for a long time but my recent issues as with others has caused me to seriously consider just going a different route next time I upgrade.


Hope you get a resolution, but always be willing to speak with your wallet.

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