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H100i Platinum SE cable problems


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Hi guys,


I have not been able to figure that one out. I can't for the life of me get my H100i Platinium SE to be recognized by Windows or iCue (or detected by my hypervisor for that matter).


Mobo is a brand new Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Master.


I am using a Proxmox/KVM virtual machine but that is irrelevant at this point, here is why:


My lighting node pro is recognized through windows as well as by running "lsusb" command, while connected to either one of the two USB 2.0 headers of the motherboard (so those 2 headers are confirmed working).


My H100i is ONLY recognized when using a micro USB to USB connector plugged externally into one of the rear USB 3.1 ports.


When trying to use the included micro USB to motherboard header cable, H100i just won't come up, neither in windows (tryied hot plugging, to no avail) nor when running lsusb command (it did come up via regular dumb micro USB cable to USB-a).


Could it just be that my cable is defective? Doesn't a failing USB sound highly unlikely from a brand new cooler?


I ordered a cheap cable to test it out but it won't arrive for quite a while and I wanted to know if that is a known issue or possibly an error from my end.


Note: The fan control cable is plugged directly to the CPU_OPT header on the motherboard, and the controls in BIOS are set to the following:


CPU Fan Speed control: full speed

CPU Fan control mode: PWM (it's only 3 pins for H100i, should I set that to "voltage" instead? I kinda remember having it to voltage before and didn't change much though)

CPU FAN Stop: Disabled


Thanks in advance for your help

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