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corsair ironclaw large hand user: feedback


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I have extremely large hands and have problem to get mouse, i was using razer death adder and even that i did hold only with finger tips, or i was loosing grip during game, or all the sudden hold mouse differently as weird as it sounds.

I was long time searching for larger mouse, which don't weight more than 105g and isn't laser. And has width at least 80mm, so i was glad when i saw this product. On length i have 19 cm hands and 12 cm width, this mouse is like 127, or 130 if i remember correctly on length.


So to my review:


It is all hard to describe, how grip feels etc. hope you get it.

-it could be longer: my fingers on right side overreaching and if i hold it with rubber grips, when it is meant to, i have to bend my figers little, while i would rather have them relaxed in normal position.

-it could be higher on right side, left side is higher, where is thumb and it is not needed :mad: , but on the left side i barely fit ring finger and pinky together.

-width is not what it seems, yet there was mouse has 80mm or so on width, but there is comfortable hole under side mouse button, where manufacturer intended that mouse will be held, but if i held it here, mouse all the sudden starts to feel very slim, there is slope from this place down, but it is inclined and it is not comfortable to hold mouse there + there is less grip

So when i put thumb into that hole indended where mouse is supposed to be held, than i have to bend my ring finger and pinky even more.

-also it is hard to press middle mouse button and if you use it for scrolling in rts, it is difficult to press it again shortly after previous press

Now i think about it, to describe that feeling, when i hold mouse at parts which are intended for grip like that spot for thumb under buttons, it is like holding mouse only at front and almost no grip at any other part of the mouse and yet it is worse because end of the mouse is sticking out and you to more stretch your fingers.


In conclusion, it is not worst shape, but i am so unsure, i will probably have to return this product. It far from comfortable for me and grip is like 60-70% I don't have good control. I will test it out yet, but... I just have bad luck, i was waiting years for mouse i can use and still can't find it. I should have born after 20 years, when you 3d print mouse exaclty for your hand...

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