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VOID Pro: Sound not auto switching from speakers to headphones. Win 10


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Picked up my Void Pro a week or so ago, and I must say, I love them. I am however having an issue with Windows 10 I wonder if anyone else ran into.


When using the headphones, I always have to switch manually from speakers to headphones, and back again. When I turn on the phones, Windows is not switching it to that output, and when I turn them off, it is not switching the sound back to speakers.


Anyone else run into this?

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It seems this isn't supposed to be a feature although I would completely love it to be. and almost created a thread for this very suggestion.


The issue seem to be is that the Void headset is seen by windows to always be available to use (It's always available to select via windows output even though the headset isn't turned on. as it sees the receiver as an available output regardless)





The only software that seems to be able to detect if the headset is connected is in fact iCUE.


I would love the option to turn on such an auto switch function.



---Turning On---

1. Audio playing through speakers for example

2. User turns on the headset

3. Connection is made

4. iCUE recognises this and switches the windows audio output to the VOIDs on the users behalf

5. Audio now coming through the headphones


---Turning Off---

1. Audio playing through VOIDs

2. User turns off the VOID Headset

3. Connection is lost

4. iCUE recognises this and switches the audio output back to the original device in use prior to original connection.

5. Audio is now playing through the original device.


EDIT: I would have thought the disconnection detection should have a timeout period of maybe 5 seconds for those (extremely) rare moments the connection is lost for a brief period to ensure it doesn't auto switch back to the speakers when the user didn't intend for this to happen. Unless the firmware in the Headset can be updated OTA to send a "I'm being turned off now" signal back to iCUE? Maybe similar can be introduced to turning on although less necessary as once connection is made it can be safe to assume the user would like to switch to the VOIDs as their output device.


Surely this can be added as a feature, It would certainly add to the user experience as opposed to manually switching like both the OP and myself are finding is necessary to change the output.


When using Steam in home streaming Steam is able to switch outputs on the users behalf so I'm assuming something similar can be implemented for For the VOIDs and other iCUE compatible headsets?


I would love to see any feedback from Corsair regarding this. I'm assuming this can all be integrated within iCUE to achieve such function?


Many thanks.

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I have officially returned these to best buy today, just in time for the 14 day return policy. Corsair, you should be better than this. The headphones were great, the fact that you have to manually change inputs is horrendous. I'll be sure to discourage anybody and everybody asking about this set from buying them.
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