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Will XLPT work with LLPT?


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I have one stick of 512MB 3200XLPT V1.1 (2225) and a TWINX set of 256MB 3200 LLPT V1.2 (2326) and a single stick of 512MB 3200 LLPT V3.1 (2326).


Can these memory sticks work together (TWINX 3200LLPT and 3200XLPT) or should I use another stick of 3200LLPT?


Current system: Abit NF72S w/M2600


Old System: Albatron KX18D Pro II w/M2600


Will be going back to my old system as soon as my Alby gets repaired as I had the TWINX running at 232 DDR, at 2-2-2-11 on that board.


I scored the XLPT for $99.00 as it was marked LLPT on the package (but XLPT on the stick itself , XMS3208 V1.1).


Or can I use the 512MB XLPT and 512MB LLPT together in DDR, if I use the weaker timings (2326) even though they are not identical except that they both use the Samsung Chips?

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