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Cmw16gx4m2k4000c19 & z370-f asus


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I have decided to upgrade my CMW16GX4M2C3000C15 to some CMW16GX4M2K4000C19 and it doesn't want to work at full speed with the XMP, but, it works with XMP at 3900MHz.




I have searched for some results where they ask to add more voltage to some of the controllers. But when I see how mine runs... Still, is there an overclocking that I can do somewhere to make it run at 4000? Because the advertisement for the motherboard shows that it can support up to 4000MHz. When I have checked the QVL, it wasn't in there, but my other 3000MHz kit wasn't there either and it ran.




I have also contacted ASUS Support to add support for this ram in their future BIOS update, I hope it can be done. I'm not a programmer, not a developper. Otherwise, it's still false advertisement.

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