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LL120 Fans Having Lighting Issues


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Hi all,


I created this account today because I'm starting to get fed up with this back and forth I'm having with my 5 LL120 fans. I started a support ticket (#2000429452) back in May when I noticed one of my fans stopped lighting up fully, stopping the rest from staying lit as well. I went through the lengthy RMA process for the faulty fan and got it in the mail about a week and a half later. A few days later, one of my other fans stopped working as well, so I went to support and got that RMA approved (I sent it out this past Wednesday, waiting for a response). Now two more of my fans are starting to have issues. I'm at a loss for words at this point. Should I try and RMA every one of my old fans? Should I try a new Lighting Node Pro? I really don't know what to do here.

The original problem came out of nowhere, nothing had been changed inside the case itself or in the software. Any tips?


Sincerely, a frustrated first-time Corsair customer.

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