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Replace double-sided sticks with single sided?


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I recently purchased an ASUS K8V-X (K8T800 chipset) motherboard and after doing some benchmarks noticed my memory scores were a significant amount lower than my old nforce2 board in SiSoft Sandra. When looking at the memory speeds, it seemed that I was running at 333 DDR speed.


This was verified when I went into the BIOS, the SPD was pushing a 333 FSB instead of the 400 I was used to with the nforce2. Forcing it to 400 DDR would cause system instability and crash my applications as well as my testing apps (Prime95, Sandra).


In going through the manual, it seems that if you have all three banks populated with dual-sided memory (as my 2x256 TWINX 3200-C2 and 1x512 XMS3200-C2) the board will lower the speed to 333. The only options I have at this point are either two dual sided sticks (which will knock my total memory from 1GB to 768MB at best) or purchase completely new RAM.


Neither of these appeal to me as I've always been very happy with my Corsair RAM and have been a loyal customer for a number of years now. Is there any way I can RMA these sticks (which, alone work fine at 400 DDR but not as a whole) for single-sided sticks?

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First thing, all of our 512 Meg DDR1 modules and larger would be double sided, and all 256 Meg modules would be single sided. In addition, with this MB as I remember with more than one module DDR333 was suggested. And an RMA may not solve anything as our RMA is automated and we will try to replace the modules with exactly the same revison and part# that is sent in. Can you tell me our modules revision and part# (How To Read the Memory Label) and the exact bios settings you have set for both CPU and memory and any performance settings that you may have set?
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