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Bad VS512MB400 pair(1 gig kit)

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I bought a 1 gig kit consiting of two of these modules about 3 weeks ago. I didn't get to use them until today because I was waiting on the rest of my parts to show up(MB, proc, etc).


Anyway, all was fine at first and XP installed fine but after about 2 hours, my system rebooted by itself. Booted up fine again and all was well for about 45 minutes when it did it again. This time it would not boot up, it would lock up during POST. So I swapped out the two modules with another identical pair I have(from my old computer) and now all is fine.


My motherboard is an Asus P5GD1 with a Pentium 4 630 processor(3.2ghz). The same behavior happens if I use the modules in my old computer which is an p4 3.06ghz system.


I did not run the memtest86 because, neither of my systems will boot with these modules installed and I do not have a floppy drive in either of my computers(who needs em?!?).


I think these modules are bad and want to cover my bases so I can get them replaced.


Thank you,



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