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Mouse coordinates for macros


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It would be a nice to have, if the software could show the mouse coordinates.


As alternative, it would be a nice feature to merge the (x+1,y+1,y-1,x-1) to one movement, like x+340 px.


I hope, this is the right address for software features (addons). ;):


Thank you!

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yeah record can be bootleg inside icue as it records the movements pixels at a time which might be what you need but likely not. You are better off running a script to save out where you would be clicking or whatever with autohotkey (if perhaps it is a mechanical method for software).


Try this:

Install AutoHotkey here:



Try this code:


if !GetKeyState("NumLock", "T") {
	CoordMode Pixel, Screen
	CoordMode, Mouse, Screen ; makes mouse coordinates to be relative to screen.
	MouseGetPos, xx, yy, , OutputVarControl
	PixelGetColor, color, %xx%, %yy%
	tooltip %xx% %yy% %color% %OutputVarControl%
	c1 := xx "," yy "," color "," OutputVarControl
	;uncomment the below by deleting the ; in front of line if you want the clipboard to store this information
	;clipboard := c1
	IniWrite, %c1%, C:\temp\xylocs.ini, savedVars, %iniCounter%
else {


by copying it and saving it to a file on your desktop or wherever that says somefile.ahk


run the file, turn off your numlock, hit print screen and you will see a tooltip saying the mouse x and y and also the controlname after the color under the cursor. Neither of the last two will help in icue so you can ignore them, but the x and y are gold and you will find them saved to that file, c:\temp\xylocs.ini, saved in order of your print screen presses ready for icue.

Let us know how you make out.

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quick follow up, you might also find this helpful, hitting ctrl windows m to enter the x and y vales and see where they land, you should add coordmode as needed, but you can append this to the other script and I think it would work:


InputBox, x , Title, "Insert X coordinate to move mouse to: "
InputBox, y , Title, "Insert Y coordinate to move mouse to: "
       MouseMove, %x%, %y%

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