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Concerns about my future Build

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So far these are the parts I have.


Corsair Tempered Glass Crystal Series 460X


CORSAIR Vengeance LPX 16GB (2 x 8GB) 288-Pin DDR4 SDRAM DDR4 3000 (PC4 24000) Memory Kit Model CMK16GX4M2B3000C15


Corsair Hydro Series H100i PRO Low Noise 240mm RGB Water/Liquid CPU Cooler 240mm (CW-9060033-WW) Support Intel 2066, AMD AM4


MSI MPG Z390 GAMING EDGE AC LGA 1151 (300 Series) Intel Z390 HDMI SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.1 ATX Intel Motherboard


I saw a heard a while back concerns about the fact that the H100i Pro does not fit very well in the 460X cases due to space clearance for the memory. I already bought the parts and have them, but have not put them together yet, but heard that most of the RGB Vengeance memory was the concern others had to get different memory.


So my concern here is, I am getting a CORSAIR Vengeance LPX, does anyone know if that is going to have any space issues with mounting the cooler on top?


If so, can I remove the 2 fans from the front and mount the cooler to the front and put the 2 fans on the top and still be able to use the RBG lighting on those fans?


Let me know in case I need to make changes and return anything.

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460x and 570x dont have a lot of space up top for Radiators.


Honestly i just mounted mine in front and it looks even better, my Cpu runs much cooler also because the front fans help on pushing air through the radiator than having the radiator Top and exhausting the hot air out.


Only thing you should care about mounting top or front is looks honestly.


here's a pic of how mine looks like,


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As mentioned, there is not a lot of room up top, especially in the 460x. The 240mm radiator should fit with the low profile vengeance RAM, but do some image searching for 460x and look at the ones with a radiator in the top. It always looks heavy to me. I also think you will get better performance from the front mount in that medium size case.


As for the SP-RGB fans that comes with the case, there are 3 pin DC motors and will not work with the pump's controller. Most AIOs have a PWM controller. You can address in a few ways.


1) Leave the SP-RGB fans on the front rail and run them from your motherboard or other fan controller. Do not use the H100i Pro's onboard controller.


2) Move the SP120-RGB to the top and rear as exhaust. You still run them from the motherboard like any other fan. Use the included radiator fans and/or whatever else you have for the front. You can also use any of of the other Corsair RGB fans on the cooler, all of which are PWM (ML-RGB, HD, LL). However, be aware you cannot use SP-RGB with any of the other types on the same lighting controller. You would need two of the six port RGB Lighting Hubs. 1 is already in the case. The other would come in a 3 pack of ML/HD/LL 120mm fans.

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Thanks for the advise.


So you suggest to remove the 3 fans that come with the case and use 1 of those on the back and 2 on the top since they can still be plugged into the motherboard like normal and take the 2 that come in the box of the radiator to the front with the radiator mounted to those and I can use the program to adjust the fan settings?


I bought an extra Corsair LL Series CO-9050073-WW LL140 RGB, 140mm Dual Light Loop RGB LED PWM Fan, Single Pack in case I needed it which I may get more if I just need to replace all 3 front ones to complete the look. I don't think the fans in box for the H100i PRO are RGB though just the base that sits above the CPU, but I could be wrong..


Would replacing all the fans, 3 in the front ((which 2 of them would be used for the radiator)) and 2 on top and 1 in the back work? I just can't use the controller that comes with the case fan right? I would have to get a controller since I am not using the fans that come with the case?



Let me also ask this. I know being able to control the fans is a big thing, however is it a big deal to just use 2 of the front fans of the case with the radiator and use the 2 that come with the radiator on the top and the extra I have for the back?

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Moving the SP-RGB to the back is one option. It solves the PWM control only issue with the cooler and I think they work better as interior lighting than the stop light look on the front. Might yank them out entirely so I didn't need to use another RGB Lighting Hub, but and extra 3 pack of LL120 is certainly an expense.


Where was the LL140 going to go? 140mm fans can only be top mounted in that case and even without a radiator, the width gets close to your ATX plug, VRM heatsink, RAM, etc. I would recommend sticking to 120mm fans only for the 460. Also, with the radiator on the front reducing intake, you are going to have plenty of exhaust capability with 3x120. You won't need more.


The fans with the PRO series coolers are not RGB. It is a plain grey ML-Quiet fan. You can get ML120-RGB fans that make good radiator fans and compliment the SP-RGB fans (similar in lighting style). However, I suggest deciding on what fan you want based on appearance. If you really like the LL fans, make it part of your plan from the start. You would need a 3 pack (with a separate RGB Lighting Hub and the included Lighting Node Pro to get the software in on this). Without the LNP, the SP fans must be manually changed via a thumb remote. Note single pack fans do not have the RGB lighting hub or a Lighting Node Pro.


Every time I have used the word control thus far, it has been in reference to lighting control. Fan motor control is a separate thing. The H100i Pro will take its two fans (or any other 2 PWM fans), but everything else is connected to the motherboard and BIOS like normal. If you want software control through iCUE, you need a Commander Pro. This is a LNP + 6 port fan controller (works with any fans, DC or PWM). It also have some temperature probes that are useful for making fan curves that work without the software running or just general temperature data. That would replace the LNP in this system and could power 3 SP-RGB, 3 LL120 for both power and lighting. You would still want the triple pack of LL120s to get the RGB Hub and the LNP is not wasted. It can be chained into the C-Pro for more lighting channels. In your 3 + 3 fan set-up, each would use a RGB channel. If you wanted to add strips, you would need a 3rd RGB channel and the LNP would be needed.


If you have not already seen it, take a look at the guide here. There are a lot of rules and things to be aware of when mixing stuff together.



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Cool! thanks.


So far I am just going to get 6 LL 120mm LL RGB Fans and replace the 3 in the front so I can mount the radiator in front and have the 1 standalone on the front of the case. Then put 2 on top and 1 on the back.


I honestly bought the 140mm by accident didn't realized the size of it till now, but returned. I will buy the 2 3pack LL 120mm to get the controller inside so everything matches up with RBG lighting and such. Rather have that instead of random RBG lighting in the case.

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Then the only thing left to do is to decide if you want desktop control over fan speed via iCUE or are OK with the BIOS/motherboard running things. That would be the Commander Pro instead of the LNP. That can always be added later and is not really an immediate requirement. The LNPs have future value.


Also, make sure you check LL120 single price vs 3 pack. You do need 1 triple to get the LNP (much cheaper than standalone purchase) unless you decide on the Commander Pro. However, the prices have been pretty fluid on LL fans the last 6 months. If it works out that 1 x triple pack plus 3 x LL120 singles is the cheapest, do it.

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