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H80igt cooler loud


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Corsair H80IGT

Processor AMD-FX 8350

ASUS Motherboard M5A99FX PRO R2.0

Window 7 Professional


According to Corsair "LINK"




FAN 1 2626 RPM


RADEON RX 480 58.0 and FAN RPM 721


Here is my question, Even with this rig, with water cooling and like 20% load on the system this machine constantly spins up. I have modified IQUE from Corsair, I have Set it to quiet profile.


Other steps

Updated BIOS on Board

Updated Drivers

Updated Corsair Software

This system is just loud, I am certain its the main CPU cooling hooked to water cooler that is so loud. Its driving me nuts,









Give me some suggestions please, thanks in advance.

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The missing bit of information from above is the coolant temperature from iCUE (H80i GT Temp). This is the control variable for the fans on the radiator. As you drift into Summer (or any warm climate), the room temperature will push up the case and coolant temperature equally. +5C warmer in your room today? +5C warmer on the case/coolant too. Those preset fan curves were designed for a stable 20-23C room temperature. I know my air conditioning isn't quite that good and I get baked as the sun swings around in the afternoon.


The solution is to create your own fan curves to match your room temperature. After light use or 10-15 minutes after cold boot, note the H80i GT temp in cooler panel of iCUE. This is your baseline temperature. Set the fans to a quiet or unobtrusive level. Keep the curve flat for about 3C more, than slowly start to ramp it up. You likely have a peak or maximum coolant temperature of around +10C over whatever you started at, but this is unique to your system and loads. Take note of the highest mark when you are doing whatever you normally do and set a fan speed you can tolerate for that mark. This is effectively your working load fan speed. It doesn't have to be super fast. Save that 2000 rpm fan blast for around 50C, a temperature you are unlikely to reach in most situations. That will give you an auditory warning if something is wrong.

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You are using the default presets and have hit 40C coolant temperature. This will always trigger a maximum fan response on the factory presets. As mentioned above, you need to create your own fan curve appropriate for your temperature and usage. The fans will no longer leap to maximum at that threshold. The presets and their safety features are meant for those who plug in and then never look at it again.
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Still use coolant temperature (H80i GT Temp). If you launch a stress test (CPU-Z, AIDA, Intel XTU, whatever...), you can watch your CPU temp go from the steady idle level to something else +30-50C higher 1 second later. That value is dependent on your CPU voltage (Vcore), but it also lets you know your effective maximum coolant temperature. If you are idling at 30C, launch the test and 1 second later you see 65C, then your voltage add-on is +35C. So if your maximum preferred CPU temp is 80C, then you know you must keep coolant temp under 80-35=45C. Nearly everyone will hit their CPU limit before they reach the point where the coolant is too high (for the cooler).


The real wrinkle is when you get abnormal room temps because of weather or anything else. I am +7C over my norm right now, so it throws all my curves off a bit. Not much you can do, except make multiple curves. And apply them when needed. I always have a Winter/Summer set, but occasionally need to make another for extreme conditions.

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