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Issues with LL120 cooler


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So I just got some coolers LL120 ones all fine till now , I set them up and guess what one of em is decided to go ham on me and do what it wants basically it only light up the middle part while the exterior ring does nothing at all till now, after I tried plugging into different ports and doing whatever I could imagine you could swap around and change it still does nothing anyone got a solution for this ? Thanks!


LE: ok it's going crazy now, I didn't do anything and the whole outer ring turned green I can not control it tho it just stays green even if I revert the node to just 2 fans just the centre of the fan will either go off or work as intended.

LEE: So picture 1-3 are how it was 10 mins before I posted 4-6.

LEEE: now it's just doing crazy stuff it's working then it's not working what the f ?







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