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Issue with Legion Y730 and iCUE


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Hi guys,


I just bought a LENEVO Legion Y730 couple of days ago and I've a problem with the customization of the RGB keyboard.

First option is to use the Lenovo embeded set-up so it means I'm gonna have the blue color and the Fn+Space working. Second option using IcUE software to be able to fully customize the keyboard with nice effects and colors but in that case the Fn+space does not work.

So my question is how to be able to get the Fn+space or another combination working in order to turn-on-off the backlite. I know that's also possible to set-up in iCUE to profile (one with color and a second one without) but I don't know how to shift from profile #1 to #2.


Just for information, I do not have the "Action" stuff on the left of my screen


Thanks for your replies



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