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Scroll lock not light not working

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Just bought a k55 rgb keyboard from newegg.ca. Got in today around noon plugged in and and tested it out, so far everything seems to work fine.


I did not installed the cue software as I read it doesn't work well with this keyboard.


That said while the caps lock and num lock lights seem to be working fine I can't get scroll lock to light up.


Not a big deal I was thinking but decided to come to the corsair forums and look into it. Made an account and now after searching for "K55" I am seeing people having lots of problems with this k55 keyboard.


I am a gamer, I play games with the keyboard, some with a ps3 controller, some with an xbox controller.... I even play some with joysticks and HOTAS.


I also have steam though I prefer to play games that don't require steam but sometimes you just don't have that option/choice available.


Is the scroll lock light suppose to turn on this keyboard, rebooting changed nothing? I also tried alt+f4+fn.


I am also worried now since visiting these forums that I will have major issues when trying to game as time goes on since I do at times use controllers.


Are the controller and other game issues related to the keyboard itself or to the cue software?


Starting to think I should send it back and ask newegg.ca for a refund tbh?

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