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Ironclaw Middle mouse problems


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I've bought myself a wired Ironclaw mouse a month ago, but suddenly today my middle mouse button stopped clicking consistently and i now have to click a lot harder for it to register. When i click the middle mouse i still get the clicking sound and maybe 1 in 10 clicks it registers as a click.

It happened while i were browsing and doing nothing special, it just suddenly stopped registering the clicks.

To me it seems like a mechanical failure, I've tested it on two other PCs and they have the same problem with the mouse.

I use my middle mouse button a lot while browsing, it's a complete deal breaker and i switched back to my Backup mouse.

I've tested in the iCue software with the macro recording feature and it shows that it doesn't register the clicks.

my thinking is i should RMA trough the retailer i bought it from, but anyone else see/had this problem? Coulden't find any forums posts with the same problem.

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