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K95 RGB with KVM Switch (Working)


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I think it's well documented that gaming mice and keyboards can be arsey with KVM switches, but I wanted to report that I found a working solution.


I have my Corsair K95 RGB (CH90082-UK), Corsair Scimitar and Corsair Void Pro wireless working on two computers via KVM switch. The model is Aten CS1922. For what it's worth, the logitech G 502 is also working with this switch. When I switch consoles, Windows does report the USB devices are unrecognized. However iCUE works just fine and you can interact with the devices.


I've had to reset the usb hub on the Aten switch a few times when the USB devices got glitchy. Aside from that, I'm rather enjoying being able to use my gaming peripherals on multiple computers.

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