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Help creating a macro for Resident Evil 2


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Hey all


There's a particular macro I'd like to create for my mouse for the game Resident Evil 2 and I'm having trouble figuring out how to program it.


For those unfamiliar, in Resident Evil 2, your character can aim with a knife instead of his or her gun by pulling an alternate trigger, and then slash with it with the fire button. By default, right click is aim the gun, space bar is aim the knife, and left click is attack with whichever is aimed.


By holding down both the knife aim and attack, the character will continue to slash with the knife until the buttons are released, same as with a gun.


What I'd like to do is map a macro to my mouse's back button that essentially holds down knife aim and attack, so that I can pull out and attack with the knife by holding down just one button. I've remapped knife aim to shift and I've set an unused key as an alternate mapping for attack so that there isn't any weirdness caused by the back button trying to make a left click.


So far the best I've been able to do is get the character slashing with the knife, but even after releasing the button the character keeps attacking, more or less soft-locking the game.


Can anyone help me out with the specific macro instructions to get this right?


Thanks in advance!

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Why do a macro?


Reassign the Aim with Knife button in the game to RCTRL. Then create a Keystroke Remap in iCUE that presses RCTRL and Attack and assign it to the mouse.


Much easier than creating the macro and worrying about delays and timing.


Actually that's precisely what I wanted to do in the first place; I was just being dumb and didn't really consider that I could remap a combination of buttons to one button--I guess I figured that was the difference between macros and remaps. It works exactly how I want it to now.


Many thanks!

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