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Hello everyone,


I have a problem with my RM650x Psu. Although I created a support ticket about 10 days ago, I haven't received any feedback affirmative or negative so far. My ticket is still in open status at the moment. I don't have any other spare psu and so my some jobs don't work out. If there are the officials in this forum, I ask for their helps.


My Corsair RM650x Power Supply, which I've been using for about two years without any problem, shut down making a sizzling sound after turning on my computer. Although I tried again, my computer did not turn on, and suddenly, a fire light came out of my power supply. Right now, when I try to turn on my computer, it sometimes turns on, but the power supply starts to make sizzle sounds.


What I've done,


1- All cables were checked, unplugged and plugged again properly.

2- No problem when the same computer was run with a different power supply.

3- The problem keeps going when Corsair RM650x is run with a different computer and hardware.


Note: I've been using my computer for about two years, and no hardware changes have been made.


Thanks in advance.

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