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Have you downloaded correct Intel Performance Maximizer build for i9-9900K?


Core i9-9900K Installer.zip:



The program from this link installed fine on my i160. I've run it up to the point of setting the 16GB partition but haven't actually done the overclock yet. But it appears to work fine.

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Anyone here (not kitguru) who has successfully used the Intel Performance Maximiser with the i160/165?



It is running now. Was shutting down due to cooling, it said. I managed to run the top fan at top speed now by connecting it separately.

However, is there a (bios) setting to make it run full speed outside the os, while booting etc.

I was not able to find fan controls for the top fan in the bios setting. And while you can run it full speed through the icue software, it is not preseverd outside running the OS.


Any ideas?

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